Hey, ladies!

Welcome to HotMommyandMe – your one-stop-shop to find AFFORDABLE fashion for every occasion as you style your baby bump with pride. 

It’s our firm belief that every woman should feel confident and sexy in her own skin. And mamas-to-be are no exception! 

We have enough to contend with when it comes to body insecurities. Nine months of a growing, changing body can be tough on your self-image and causes many women to feel frumpy and unsexy. 

Our goal at HotMommyandMe is to make hot maternity clothes affordable so you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. NO MORE unbuttoned pre-maternity jeans, and definitely no need to wear your partner’s shirts!

Dressing up your baby bump in style, with a perfect maternity fit, will give you the confidence you need to love your body during every stage of pregnancy and beyond!


Owner: Felecia Bowes-Griffiths 

Like many of you, my own dance with motherhood has not always been easy. 

I celebrate the children I get to raise here on earth, as well as those who have gained their angel wings before we even met.

I accept the difficulties of special needs in my home, and choose laughter over tears as we push through life together.

I celebrate the challenges, joys, and personal growth that are all wrapped up in the beautiful word “mommy.” 

I embrace motherhood in all of its complexities, while still thriving in the other roles of my life: I am a wife, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, friend, and a fiercely confident woman.


It’s not about perfection or what others may think, it’s about loving MY life, MY journey, and MY body in all their facets and throughout all of motherhood and womanhood.

This is what HotMommyandMe represents. We’re here to celebrate YOU and your unique journey, in all of its stages, by making sexy, elegant, and fashionable maternity clothes for any occasion affordable for you. The pieces you need, as well as the ones you thought you could never have, HotMommyandMe makes them attainable.

Enjoy our Catalog as you dress your baby bump in HotMommyandMe style!