Babymoon meaning:

A babymoon is a celebratory vacation taken by parents while awaiting the arrival of a child. 

It can take many forms depending on your family, including:

  • A second honeymoon with your partner before your family grows.
  • A family trip before the birth or adoption of a child.
  • A memorable getaway with your BFFs if you're a single mom.

Although planning a vacation doesn't seem like a priority while pregnant, it's actually an excellent way to catch your breath before the baby arrives! 

Here are a few reasons to consider this popular trend, along with the dos and don’ts of planning a perfect trip.


Why should you take a babymoon?

If you’re needing a little rest and rejuvenation – and, come on, who doesn’t while they’re pregnant? – then a babymoon could be just what the doctor ordered. 

There are a variety of reasons you may want to head out of town before the baby arrives, but here are the top three reasons to take a babymoon:

1) Quality time with your partner.

This adventure is a chance for you two to be together and focus on each other. Life is about to change BIG TIME. Before the diapers, bottles, and burp clothes invade every waking moment, take some time to reconnect with your partner. This is a great way to reaffirm your love for each other and cherish the final moments of this phase of your lives together. 

It may be some time before you get to go on a trip without kids once the baby arrives, and you’ll be so glad you took this opportunity while you had it.

2) Rest before the baby arrives

No matter what stage of pregnancy or parenthood you’re in – IT. IS. EXHAUSTING. And welcoming a newborn is famous for its sleep deprivation. So, making time for sleep while you still can is important.

A quick getaway before the babe arrives can help lower your stress levels and prepare you for the physical demands of labor. If your long pre-baby to-do list is keeping you from resting at home, leaving the house for a few days can make sure you get off your feet and take a break.

It doesn’t take a faraway trip to get some rest. Just hop in the car and head to a hotel in the next town over. Take a break from your chores and find a space to breathe.

3) Mentally and emotionally prepare for the baby

Not only is pregnancy physically exhausting, but preparing for a child can also cause a lot of anxiety, stress, and even depression. This is normal. Focusing all of your time and energy on your new baby can leave you feeling emotionally rundown. 

While your baby is still safely tucked away in your warm tummy, take a minute to focus on yourself. Your baby will get plenty of attention after birth, so booking a babymoon for a little “me time” is the way to go if you want to calm your nerves.

A babymoon gives you time to:

  • Be alone and offline. 
  • Be creative. 
  • Be adventurous. 
  • Get pampered.

    When should you take a babymoon?

    Whether you’re 2 months pregnant or 7 months pregnant, the timing of your babymoon doesn't  matter. But you’ll want to plan a trip that’s comfortable for how many weeks along you will be when you take your babymoon. Meaning, trips taken near the end of your pregnancy may need to be closer to home and less adventurous. Both big and small vacations can be worth it, so decide what’s right for you.

    Healthy mothers can travel within the country as late as 36 weeks pregnant. That said, the second trimester is often the best time to take a trip for three reasons:

    1. You're far enough along that your risk of complication or loss is low. But you’re still early enough that you're unlikely to end up giving birth during your travels.
    2. If you have morning sickness, you should start to get better in the second trimester. Less nausea means that all types of travel will be more comfortable. Many women also notice a boost of energy around the halfway point of pregnancy. 
    3. Your belly is at the cutest, most convenient stage. You're showing enough to wear cute pregnancy clothes and get some maternity photos. But you're not so big that activities become difficult or you’re too uncomfortable.

    Babymoons are typically 3 - 4 nights long. This means you can take an extended weekend getaway without missing much work. Of course, you could always stay longer! 


    Babymoon Ideas

    5 Best Babymoon Destinations 2023

    Where you go for your babymoon depends on where you live and how far you want to travel. You probably don’t want to board a 12-hour transcontinental flight when you’re 7 months pregnant.

    Some popular destinations for those living in the Western Hemisphere are:


    Beach destinations are great for a babymoon. If you’re from the US, Hawaii has the perks of an exotic and tropical location without requiring a passport. Maui has beautiful beaches, swimming, snorkeling, golfing, and constant sunshine. These activities can be very pregnancy-friendly. So find yourself a cute bikini and give that baby belly some sun! You can relax on the famous Kathe Kaanapaliali beach, take a gentle hike in Haleakala National Park, or attend an exhibition to learn more about Hawaiian culture. 


    Cabo San Lucas is one of the best tourist destinations in Mexico. For US residents, it’s a much shorter flight than Hawaii. So, if you’ve got a passport and you’re hoping to spend time on the beach, the shorter flight can be much easier for a pregnant body. Los Cabos offers everything you’d want on your babymoon: dazzling weather, delicious dishes, and excellent hospitality. Book a private suite or villa with a pool facing the ocean. And don’t forget to schedule a maternity photoshoot with such a beautiful backdrop.


    Miami Beach is a great place for casual shopping and beachside walks. If you want somewhere warm without leaving the country, try Miami Beach’s walking-only boulevard. Lounge at the beach, stop by South Point Park for maternity photos, or room in luxury at The Setai hotel. And don’t miss the Jaya Ocean Grill!

    New England

    If the beach scene isn’t for you, the classic charm of a New England getaway is romantic, historic, and cozy. Grab a babymoon package in Massachusetts and you won’t regret curling up by a fire with a good book. If your feet are feeling up for a walk around town, enjoy some of the cute shops around town and pick out a few things for yourself and the baby. And if that cozy fire isn’t calling you to retreat to your room too quickly, find a great jazz club for a night out.


    Beautiful Victoria has great hotels, spas, and manors for babymoons in every season. With a variety of pregnancy-friendly activities, including whale watching, wildlife tours, and museums, you’ll find a lot of opportunities to make the most out of this trip without straining your body. Other fun attractions include the parliament buildings, Abkhazi Garden, Victoria Butterfly Gardens, and the many remote lakes and cabins.

    Babymoon Packages

    Babymoons are becoming more popular, and businesses are noticing. Many of the same places that offer honeymoon specials now cater to expecting parents. 

    Here are some examples of the types of service packages you can find:

    Spa Packages

    You don’t have to get out of town to find a little escape. Maybe you can't travel, you don't feel like leaving your house, or you're on a budget. You can spend the day doing something fun while still sleeping in your own bed. A day trip to a spa definitely fits this bill. 

    Services you can enjoy while pregnant:

    • Prenatal massage
    • Deep conditioning treatments for your hair and skin
    • Pedicures to improve your circulation
    • Manicures to showcase your beautiful pregnancy nails
    • Waxing, since it’s getting harder for you to shave
    • Facials to combat hormonal breakouts
    • Hair color, cut, and blowout

    Hotel Packages

    Many hotel chains offer babymoon packages that are budget-friendly and convenient to book, particularly during the slow seasons. 

    Some babymoon-specific packages include:

    • Special meals and room service
    • Gift baskets containing baby items
    • Mocktails at the bar
    • Prenatal Yoga
    • Couples Massage
    • Guided outings to local attractions
    • Entertainment on site


    An all-inclusive resort is usually located on scenic property in a popular travel destination. If planning the details of your trip feels overwhelming and you want someone else to take care of the logistics, resorts can bring the best of all elements to one location with all-inclusive pricing.

    Resorts offer everything that hotel packages include, as well as:

    • Suites and bungalows
    • Luxury spa treatments
    • Restaurants on site
    • Ocean beaches
    • Convenient shopping
    • Guest entertainers
    • Poolside restaurants


    It might be a surprise, but a cruise can be one of your most affordable babymoon options. A cruise usually has most of the elements of a resort, with some unique extras depending on the fleet. It's the ultimate package deal, with food and entertainment included with the ticket, making it easy to budget.

    7 Babymoon Tips

    To ensure a successful babymoon, here are seven important pieces of advice to take with you no matter where you chose to go:

    1. Study the health and safety policies of every region or country you pass through. Consult your doctor about how to stay healthy. In the post-Covid world, travel regulations can change rapidly. Be alert for areas known for the Zika virus and Malaria, and talk to your doctor before traveling through these places. 
    2. Make sure you’re up to date on vaccinations such as the flu, Hep C, and TDAP. If you’re headed out of the country, you’ll want to ask your doctor about any vaccines specific to your areas of travel.
    3. Bring printed copies of your medical records and birth plan, just in case you have a medical emergency while you’re traveling. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with emergency services and obstetricians or midwives at your destination.
    4. Consider destinations with shorter flights. Traveling while pregnant is uncomfortable, no matter how far along you are. Pick a fun location that doesn’t require too much travel time.
    5. Make sure your health insurance covers out-of-state travel. If it doesn’t, consider buying short-term coverage.
    6. Plan plenty of relaxing activities. Of course, you want to make the most of your time in a new place. But with this trip, less is more. Don’t schedule too many activities in one day, and make sure you take breaks before you feel like passing out.
    7. Set and stick to a budget. It’s no secret that children are expensive. Have lots of fun, but make sure you don’t overspend in the process.


    The Takeaway

    A babymoon is a worthwhile investment before welcoming a new baby. Couples get to relax and have some fun together before the baby arrives. Make it a spa day, a staycation, or an extended stay – whichever babymoon you choose, don’t miss this opportunity!

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